• Does Tailgate Club have private bathrooms for customers on game day? Yes! Members will have access to nearby portable bathrooms and hand wash stations.
  • Do we need to clean up our tailgate site before heading into the game? Nope! We’ve got you covered. However, we do ask that you make use of the provided recycling/trash receptacles during your tailgate. Excessive trash or destruction of your tailgate site may incur additional fees.
  • Can I leave my personal equipment at my tailgate space when I go in to the game? Sure! Tailgate Club will tag your personal items and provide you with a claim check number to reclaim your items at the check-in tent up to 30 minutes after the game. Please note Tailgate Club is not liable for any personal items. We recommend securely storing anything of value in your vehicle before heading into the game.
  • What items are prohibited on Tailgate Club grounds? We do not allow additional tents, deep fryers, open flames/campfires, or loud generators. Gas or charcoal grill are not permitted. Parking lot games involving the consumption of alcohol are prohibited. Additional information regarding prohibited items may be obtained from your school’s tailgate manager, please visit your school’s Tailgate Club webpage, simply click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page to be connected to your school’s tailgate manager.
  • Will you set up my personal equipment? We will setup your purchased Tailgate Club package before you arrive on game day. You’re welcome to bring and set up additional equipment yourself, so long as it stays within your allotted space and does not include prohibited items.
  • Can I bring a grill or other cooking device? All grills and cooking devices are prohibited. Already prepared foods will be permitted and catering options will be available for purchase through Tailgate Club.
  • Can I bring my own food/beverage? Of course! Catering is also available for purchase through Tailgate Club. Please note Tailgate Club and our catering partners are not permitted to sell alcoholic beverages. You can find the list of available catering options here.
  • How does catering work? Do they provide alcohol? Alcohol is not available through Tailgate Club catering. Individuals are responsible for compliance with all local and state laws governing alcohol consumption. Please place your catering order directly with the restaurant. Catering deadlines vary by restaurant, so please be sure to review their menu at least a week in advance of your game.
  • I’d like to play music at my tailgate, are there any guidelines?Excessive volume (exceeding 85 dBA) and/or music with explicit lyrics is not permitted by Tailgate Club. We want you to have a great time, but ask that you use your best judgement and be courteous to your fellow tailgaters.
  • Where will my tailgate be located? Can I choose the location?Prime location just outside the North end zone of Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. Your specific tailgate location will be determined upon your arrival. Please be sure to visit the check-in tent to let our team know you’ve arrived.
  • Will I have access to a power source at my tailgate site? Tailgaters who add a generator or media package to their order through Tailgate Club will have access to a power source at their tailgate.
  • Do you offer game tickets? We do not sell game day tickets. Please visit for ticket options.
  • Do you offer parking passes? Yes - green lot passes are available for purchase on our site.
  • Are pets allowed at the tailgate? Pets are not allowed to run at large in tailgating sites or on campus and must be leashed at all times according to local leash laws. Animals are not permitted to be left unattended or secured to university property. Please clean up after your pet.


  • Why tailgate with Tailgate Club™? Everyone loves to tailgate, there’s no denying it. There’s also no denying the amount of time and effort it takes to plan one - from waking up at the crack of dawn to secure a spot, to hauling in all the supplies, to cleaning everything up while desperately trying to make kickoff. It may be a game day tradition, but it’s also a time-consuming hassle. Tailgate Club’s mission is to bring fans a new game day tradition - one that gives them back a precious commodity – time. A fan's job is to have fun supporting their team. Our job is to give them more time to do so.
  • What makes Tailgate Club unique? We sweat the small stuff (and the big stuff, and the stuff you never would have thought of) so you don’t have to. With over 2 decades of event experience backed by ENDEAVOR, the service provided by Tailgate Club is second to none.
  • Will Tailgate Club operate rain or shine? What if the game time changes?Tailgate Club operates as planned per University guidelines and follows the university’s game time schedules, unless the scheduled game is officially cancelled. Although rare, there is potential for announced game times by the University to change for a variety of reasons. If Tailgate Club is forced to cancel an event or add-on amenity in its entirety due to weather or other circumstances, customers’ sole remedy shall be pro rata credit toward a future game. Customers must notify Tailgate Club within thirty (30) days of the cancelled event with their requested replacement game, subject to availability. Replacement game reservations will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If no game is available for the current season, customers will receive a pro rata credit for a game the following season.
  • How many people can I invite to my tailgate? Tailgate Club wants to ensure the safety and comfort of all tailgaters. Tailgate guest capacity is determined by the size of tent purchased. We ask that all Tailgate Club members respect their fellow tailgaters by abiding by these capacity figures.
    1. Mountaineer 10’x10’ tent = 10 people maximum
    2. Mountaineer Plus 10’x20’ tent = 20 people maximum
    3. Mountaineer VIP 20’x20’ tent = 40 people maximum
  • What is Tailgate Club’s policy on security of personal equipment left in their space? Tailgate Club is not liable for any personal items in the tailgate space. We recommend securely storing anything of value in your vehicle before heading into the game.
  • Is commercial advertising allowed at my tailgate? No commercial advertising or solicitation of any kind is allowed on Tailgate Club grounds.
  • Who should I contact if I have a question about my tailgate package?Please contact Kristen Franson at 304-943-7242 or


  • How can I view package availability for a game? In order to view available packages, complete step 1 on the “purchase” page by entering an individual game date.
  • What add-ons are available through the game day concierge? Availability of game day add-ons are subject to change based on date, location and inventory. Please consult your local tailgate manager for specific information for your campus.
  • Can I select multiple games to purchase? Or does it have to be full season? You can purchase tailgate packages for as many games as you wish! After you complete the three-step process for the first date, simply select “add another game” to repeat the steps for as many times as you wish.
  • When is payment due? Payment is due at the time of purchase. For game day concierge purchases, payment is due at the time of delivery.
  • How do I make game day purchases with the on-site concierge? Purchases can be made using our live-chat feature on the website or by texting on your mobile device. Payments will be made directly to the concierge using a major credit card once your order is delivered.
  • Are you able to split payments between multiple cards/people? No, however we may add this service for your convenience at a later date.
  • What is Tailgate Club’s policy on broken/missing items? The package purchaser is responsible for any broken/stolen equipment from their tailgate site. The credit card provided during purchase will be charged if rented tailgate equipment is stolen, damaged or destroyed.
  • What is Tailgate Club’s policy on purchase substitution? Tailgate Club reserves the right to substitute a customer’s purchase for an item of equal or greater value.
  • What is the Tailgate Club cancellation policy? In order to receive a full refund, you must cancel your reservation at least 21 days prior to the beginning of the season (for full season packages) or 21 days prior to the scheduled game (for individual game packages).